Bathtime for 2 of my 3

I was trying to take some photos that i could hang in our bathroom.....not quite photos of their faces, but trying to capture a bath moment/moments that would be them, but you wouldn't know it unless i told you. I got the idea from a friend who has a picture of her daughters feet poking out from behind the bathroom door and another of her little legs from the knees down hanging from the potty. As i did this i got some darn cute ones of their faces as well:)

Atticus and the VHS....simple yet thrilling pleasures of motherhood

So my little 13 month old officially chose walking as his transportation of preference this day.
He discovered a VHS in the big white drawer behind him. He preoceeded to take it out, bringing it over to me, looking at it on the coffee table and taking it back to the drawer and continued the cycle for about 20 minutes. 
HE WAS VERY PROUD OF HIMSELF....and so was i :)