here are a few videos of my girls at ballet. Enjoy!

this is Elly

this is lucy

i love elly and lucy together in this one:)

We LOVE TOTORO (in a possibly obsessive way)

Where do I begin with Totoro? If you have seen Ponyo and enjoyed it you will love "My Neighbor Totoro". There is something about these Japanese cartoons that takes you to a fun place:) Maybe it is the Japanese in me and love for my Obason I have that makes me enjoy them a little more. I am not sure, but all I know is after I watch it I want to draw a big outline of Totoro on my kids wall, make bento box lunches for my kids and eat miso soup and yummy Japanese sticky rice everyday. Maybe put on some zodeez (what my grandma calls flip flops) and have green tea with homemade sukiyaki and gyoza! Maybe one day my dream of going to Japan with my grandma, having fresh vegetables from her brothers garden and enjoy milk baths will come true! Or if it is not in the Lord's will for me here on earth maybe He will have a true Japanese experience for me when I get to heaven:)

the many colors of george

laughing george
thinking george
this picture makes josh uncomfortable, but i think it is hilarious!
crazy george
excited to eat popcorn george
my george!!!!

bed by the living room window

the girls made a bed by the window
then it turned into a mountain
a little bonus for you...this wonderful look my son graces me with daily
while the sisters were playing....their little brother was taking opportunity to play with something they don't usually let him play with
checking to see if they notice his devious doing
but in all seriousness he really loves his sisters and is a sweety (95% of the time)