learning photoshop

Photoshop is a little overwhelming to me, but I am practicing.

fun in our neighborhood

the boy

art in the city

some art we passed while hanging out in wicker park today

hands and feet

a shelf

this picture made me so happy.
when i was 6 years old my dad build some shelves in our home. it was a corner unit and our tv sat in a larger shelf in the unit he built. i remember hanging out in the shelf before we put the tv in it. my parents actually have a picture of me sleeping in it:) maybe someday i will get the picture and post it here. i love being a kid and fitting in random places of the house and being able repurpose it and make it "my place".

baby rachel

My sweet friends had their baby girl Rachel. She is so precious. Just like her momma:) Her daddy is pretty swell too;)
Daddy and Daughter
we got to hold her:)

 my favorite- the YAWN
 more yawning:)

 blue eyes

 amazing momma