i love my flip!

so i got a FLIP camera for Christmas and i love it!! I recorded today- uploaded to my computer and made this simple little move/video in 20 minutes! So fun:)
This is us ice skating today!

the pine cone elves turned into pine cone angels

 So I went to the craft store to buy supplies and came home and we started making our pine cone elves and they turned into angels. Which I like much better:) Elly and Lucy both made one and I am quite pleased to have these for my tree every year! We also made a star and the girls wrote whatever Christmas saying they wanted.
They are so cute.

by el

by el

by lu

by lu

Our simple homemade Christmas cards

just want to show off my girls art:)

A few homemade Christmas decorations

My girls love crafts. So for the first few days of their Christmas vacation I got a few supplies to make some decorations I could keep for each year.

Christmas Village- the houses are $1 birdhouses from Joann's that we just painted facing backwards!

by momma

by el

left by lulu, big house by the 3 of us

a little village for rudolph and friends

Merry Christmas Garland-
we just painted wooden stars and I hot glued them to a ribbon and wrote the letters with permanent marker.

My latest amusements

1. Lucy's Statement-
"You know what I would do if Jesus was in our house with us right now? I would snuggle with Him"
  Elly's statement- this is in reply to me saying "wow you did that math fast"
  she replied "that's how i work it" and snapped her fingers.

2. The WBEZ is on pretty much every time I am in the car. I am addicted to it!
3. Hoping to try to make these-or something like them with the girls!
will post picts after:)
4. Billie Holiday
I think I could listen to her all day.
Wish i could have found a video of her singing the song- but this is as close as i could get.

5. Sitting with the family, watching a movie with a fire in the fireplace!!! Yay winter!
6. Having my picture taken by the amazing Gretchen Kelley

A good PAPA

So this is a continuation of my "facebook status"= "I asked God for help from the most genuine part of my heart, when I was at the lowest part of ME (totally over myself) and........He came:).....He is a good PAPA"

I am just going to get real here. Because if I don't get real then the truth of the matter won't be as grand as it truley is.

So I had a week of self doubt and a basic "low". By the begining of the next week I was in a fragile state. And life was particularly busy - extra ballet for the girls, Holiday preparation and planning of new ministry on top of regular life. So busy days and evenings with no down time takes a toll on me. I had a breaking point and felt like a failure in all aspects of my life- spiritual, motherhood, "wifehood" etc. 

Tears and frustration. My husband encouraged me to spend time with God----I was ashamed to talk to God. I had set aside the fact that He is my Papa - in my heart i was distant. Still i went before Him. With my 20 month old crawling on me and my daughters bickering- i closed my eyes- fell on my bed and told God I was done with "me"- couldn't do it and needed Him. Got up and felt a bit better- not alot -but a bit.

Finished my day and before bed I talked with my Papa again. Asking Him to take this ball of sinful mess and work on my heart.

The next morning I woke up and had the most amazing conversation with my daughter! She was having a stressful morning and having a hard time listening to and trusting her papa. She didn't want to listen to him because she thought what he was asking her to do was crazy. And as I was talking to her it was like I was talking to myself and God had given me all these great things to say. 
Such as-
"we are all messed up and broken" 
"God is love and what He asks us to do comes out of the wisdom and love He has" (in her situation God wanted her to obey her father)
"we have to  stop trying to fix things on our own because our natural inclinations only hurt us" 
"we have to ask Him to show us the better way"
"when we mess up (which we will..... everyday) we have forgiveness because of Jesus!"

It was unbelievable to see how relieved and loved she looked and it reminded me of how loved I am.

He is a good and faithful PAPA.

Ron De Jesus

My girls attend ARCC ballet here in Chicago and we love it. Elly has been dancing for 3 years and Lucy has been dancing for 2. Recently, we had a choreographer from New York visit and choreograph a whole performance for the studio. His name in Ron De Jesus and he is very accomplished and grew up here in Chicago. He was a dancer at Hubbard St. for 17 years. The girls have had SO much fun! They would be there 24/7 if they could!

The performance isn't until June, so they will have plenty of time to refine the amazing routines he has given them. And we can't wait to see him when he comes back in June to see the Recital!

1st time paper cutting

So I tried something new out and it was a lot of fun! I got the idea from this website here. I made some for Christmas gifts and now my girls want one for their room:)
The kids just painted a piece of paper then I cut out a silhouette with an exacto knife!

I have seen this before and actually have 2 pieces by an amazing artist on etsy another website i love.
Her store is here and below are the prints i have in the kids room.
Maybe some day I can do something this intricate;)
Girl with Birdies.
Peter Pan.

We went to the Festival of Lights parade downtown!

So every year our wonderful city puts on a parade when they light all the trees down the Magnificent Mile. I love Christmas in the city! And we have some wonderful friends with an amazing condo downtown with a spectacular view! We got to wait here till the parade came- SWEET.

Lake Michigan in front and Navy pier to the left.
They are right along the river! It is AMAZING.

Now I am sad to say I didn't get any pictures of the parade:( Due to the fact that I am not an octopus. I brought my camera, but was unable to take pictures because I had a child on my shoulders and don't think it would have been safe to take picts at the same time unless i had extra arms. But hopefully next year!
I did get picts of the fireworks at the end though:)

A picture afternoon-Siblings

I really like this one below:)

This is the look she made after he kissed her.

A picture afternoon- Lucy

Lucy the one sandwiched in the middle.
(She seems to handle it well)

Once again, Lucy and Atticus wrestling. She quite enjoyed him tickling her. I wish i could attach the gurgling sound he makes when he does this and the giggle that comes out of her.