We went to the Festival of Lights parade downtown!

So every year our wonderful city puts on a parade when they light all the trees down the Magnificent Mile. I love Christmas in the city! And we have some wonderful friends with an amazing condo downtown with a spectacular view! We got to wait here till the parade came- SWEET.

Lake Michigan in front and Navy pier to the left.
They are right along the river! It is AMAZING.

Now I am sad to say I didn't get any pictures of the parade:( Due to the fact that I am not an octopus. I brought my camera, but was unable to take pictures because I had a child on my shoulders and don't think it would have been safe to take picts at the same time unless i had extra arms. But hopefully next year!
I did get picts of the fireworks at the end though:)

A picture afternoon-Siblings

I really like this one below:)

This is the look she made after he kissed her.

A picture afternoon- Lucy

Lucy the one sandwiched in the middle.
(She seems to handle it well)

Once again, Lucy and Atticus wrestling. She quite enjoyed him tickling her. I wish i could attach the gurgling sound he makes when he does this and the giggle that comes out of her.

A picture afternoon - Elly

Elly the eldest.

This one below is her favorite. We spent a while looking at it and laughing-looking at it a laughing,