my girls

She is getting so big!! i can't get over how pretty she is too:). her and i were laughing at her spread out toes in this picture.
my little diva
mmm cookie

eating their cookies while mom takes their picture
what can i say?
(but i will explain that the glasses are an accessory she wears all the time...they are opalecent rims, she even has a case for them)

my beautiful girls together
they were cracking up at a pose elly did
here papa was teasing them to pose for the boys at school...lucy was unaffected...and you can see elly's reaction

i love my kids....and taking their picture just makes me realize even more how wonderful they are

here are to videos of the girls dancing:
elly practicing for a performance at a Tea Party

Lucy's solo for the Tea party

The 3rd little artist in my house

This happened today while we were home too!
1st drawing of the morning. I promise you I did not put Batman and Robin there, that is ALL him!
Second drawing session of the day....
Here he was saying "ooooh" because I stood up on the bed to take the picture:)
a true artist hand;)
now for a peanut butter jelly sandwich. Or as Atticus calls them
"Peabuer Je-ee"

a little update and a little this a little that

It has been almost 3 weeks since the surgery and there is so much that has happened during this healing process, but i will concise it to 2 paragraphs as not to bore you. So, I went in the day before the surgery to get prepped and have an hour and 45 minute MRI done. The day of the surgery I had more peace then I would have thought. So I won't go into detail of that day- it was quite dramatic. The first 24 hours after surgery was prettay prettay (as Larry David would say) BAD. I was in alot of pain and slept as much as possible in between them testing my vitals, giving me pain pills and me asking for ice chips because my throat was killing me (from the breathing tube during surgery). About 24 to 30 hours later Josh went home to tell our kiddos I was ok and give them hugs because he hadn't seen them for  a few days(I am kinda fuzzy on the specifics time wise). After he got back to the hospital (only like an hour later) my whole countenance had changed and the pain went down considerably! He had sent out an email earlier asking for prayer for how much pain I was in! The Lord was gracious.
I came came home Thursday (surgery was Monday). I just had some bruising on my face and was very tired. We had a Dr. appt about a week later to find out if there was any tumor left that needed radiation- and YAY no radiation needed! Then about a week after that I got the 32 staples removed- that was wonderfully terrible. And as of today I am feeling at 75% my normal self. Just battling tiredness, minimal pain and can't lift anything over 10 lbs. My jaw won't open all the way because I found out when I got my staples out that they had removed and then put back a muscle that moves my jaw to get to where they needed to go, lovely thought (but i can eat- THANK GOD- just can't fit to big of bits in). I also feel a bit fragile still in the whole area where they did their thang (which i don't like to dwell on to much). But overall I am doing well. Better everyday!

One side note: the girls have their 2 big recitals coming up this next weekend and I am praying I will be all better by then!! Taking it easy this week for that reason. The Dr's said 4 to 6 weeks. I absolutely HAVE to be there!!

Today I actually took some pictures of Atticus while Papa took the girls to church. I had to share- he is just to darn cute!
Here he is with the love of his life: BATMAN and ROBIN or as he says- MATMAN and WOWIN!
Atticus dropped batman and finds batman....
He loves his batman and robin
He is to much...the smile gets me enough and then he has to add the head tilt! really?!? 
and jump
and somersault
and fly
and pose
and own momma with your smile
and another pose
My pillow wrestler! In addition to the floor wrestle he also runs across the room with the pillow and smashes into his sisters

 (he also growls while he has his pillow endeavors)
i think the pillow won this one
With his big personality I sometimes forget how little he is, until moments like this when I see his little hands and feet!
Thank you Lord for my sweet little gifts Elly Lucy and Atticus!!