my girls

She is getting so big!! i can't get over how pretty she is too:). her and i were laughing at her spread out toes in this picture.
my little diva
mmm cookie

eating their cookies while mom takes their picture
what can i say?
(but i will explain that the glasses are an accessory she wears all the time...they are opalecent rims, she even has a case for them)

my beautiful girls together
they were cracking up at a pose elly did
here papa was teasing them to pose for the boys at school...lucy was unaffected...and you can see elly's reaction

i love my kids....and taking their picture just makes me realize even more how wonderful they are

here are to videos of the girls dancing:
elly practicing for a performance at a Tea Party

Lucy's solo for the Tea party


  1. They are getting so big and so gorgeous!! They remind me of YOU! I love that they will have a best friend for life in each other. :)

  2. I wish that Aveline could have them for friends so bad! She just started ballet this year and she loves it. I can tell she's inspired by these videos (she's putting on her leotard, tights, skirt and shoes now, I'd better get the bobby pins out). Those gals of yours look like a lot of fun!! I love getting to watch them grow up on here =)

  3. Aren't girls the best? You guys would have to tell us about boys - we sure don't know! :) I bet you are having so much fun with Atticus too! These are great pictures - I can't believe how big Elly and Lucy are! We miss you guys!