School Costume Day

6:15 am- "Wake up momma we need to get my costume on!" says my 7 year old who tends to wake up with a bing at 6:30 on her own- but the extra motivation of a fairy costume pushed it to 6:15! Oh the sacrifices of motherhood...please just 5 more minutes?? (I am thinking in my head). But I know we don't have enough time to get both girls dressed, fed and out the door by 7:20. So we get up-bed head and all- and get El done first, while my snoozer Lucy is snoring still. After a Bumpit, hair extensions and some of momma's makeup-eldest daughter done!

So we go to wake up the snoozer and she begrudgingly gets out of bed. Her hair disheveled and her nose is whistling from breathing thru her stuffy nose. Her eyes puffy and 10% open she stands in front of the mirror. We get her dressed and done! She is much perkier now:)
They were so cute and excited to be fairies together!

It was raining so Hello Kitty rain boots and rain jackets for our rainy day fairies.


My boy loves lights

This entertains him for a long time....

Fall outside our house

I took these from our window in our house. I love fall colors!

my creative artists!

My girls love to draw. These are some of their latest renditions....

by elly

by lucy

by lucy

by elly

by elly

Papa the jungle gym

So I saw a picture similar to this on a friends facebook. It was an old picture of her dad holding his kids like this and I just HAD to steal the amazing idea!

cali trip aug 09

So these are a bit late, but they are a few of my fav picts from our trip to visit family in California.

Atticus got NAKEY!

Lu loved riding the razor

This is a pic of Lu

This is El.

Pretty El

sister ride

It is so intriguing to see the difference of relationship between one sibling and another. These 2 have a totally different relationship then they do with their older sister. Atticus rough houses with Lu way more then he does with El. He sees Lu as a playmate and entertainer. Where he sees El as a place of comfort and care. If he was riding Elly he would see Elly as the one in control. Where here he thinks he is in control!

On there way to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"

Arrived at their destination of visual enjoyment.....

What is going on in Aiyana's head right now....

So, it has been an interesting time/season in my life. Things I have depended on have been tested and found wanting when it comes to friends, family, my own inadequacies etc. But the one constant has been God. He is there in a way that is inexplainable to one who hasn't known Him. Because there is no adequate comparison outside of Him. He has come thru for me ALWAYS. A patient, kind gentleman. As i open myself up and am exposed and am honest about where I am at- He is still excepting. What I have found is that He is only able to move in where I open up. If I don't expose it He can't heal it. He honors any walls I put up. The meaning of "He who is forgiven much loves much"(Luke 7:47)  has expanded. It's not that the BIGGER sinner is going to love more after they are forgiven, because we are all on an equal playing field when it comes to that (Matthew 5:21-48). It is more of an understanding of the more I allow God to forgive me for right now(therefore, the more I realize I need to be forgiven) the more love He is able to put into my life. It's not that I am not ALREADY forgiven and clean in His eyes, because I am because of Jesus. And the love I receive from Him is a love that He already has for me I just don't always except it.  But the more I admit I need forgiveness for - the more love I will have for Him, receive from Him and be able to give to others because of it.

Papa Time

Our boy LOVES his Papa time....I think almost as much as his Papa loves it:)
This is how Papa son time ended. Atticus crawled off of Josh and crawled up next to him and started to gibber gabber at him. It was so sweet.

Lu's first day of school!!

I know this is a bit out dated, but I have been meaning to post this for a while. I am so proud of my girl! She loves school and her big sister has been so supportive of her:)

mom and dad's bed

So why is mom and dad's bed so appealing?? What about it makes a kid want to jump on it, lay on it, play on it and try (never happens but they try) to eat on it! Why is the floor not good enough?? Why is their bed not good enough?? Can someone explain this to me?!? I probably need to relax, but this has become a source of anxiety in my life when it comes to the jumping and playing. But I do have to admit I have alot of good memories from my childhood of my parents room and how I always felt welcome there. So this was one of those positive experiences.....

This evening of bed obsession they wanted to read Papa's books.

Atticus and the Robot

So I purchased this little robot at one of my favorite clothing stores- Francesca's. And yes they have a little bin of wind-up toys at the counter! I love that store:)

After i wound it up one of those "sweet moment's" you have as a mom happened! Being able to watch his little eyes light up and be entranced by this little walking robot that seemed to him to be a real little robot:)

His face in the picture above kills me! I just wish i could hear what his little mind was thinking!