School Costume Day

6:15 am- "Wake up momma we need to get my costume on!" says my 7 year old who tends to wake up with a bing at 6:30 on her own- but the extra motivation of a fairy costume pushed it to 6:15! Oh the sacrifices of motherhood...please just 5 more minutes?? (I am thinking in my head). But I know we don't have enough time to get both girls dressed, fed and out the door by 7:20. So we get up-bed head and all- and get El done first, while my snoozer Lucy is snoring still. After a Bumpit, hair extensions and some of momma's makeup-eldest daughter done!

So we go to wake up the snoozer and she begrudgingly gets out of bed. Her hair disheveled and her nose is whistling from breathing thru her stuffy nose. Her eyes puffy and 10% open she stands in front of the mirror. We get her dressed and done! She is much perkier now:)
They were so cute and excited to be fairies together!

It was raining so Hello Kitty rain boots and rain jackets for our rainy day fairies.


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