BIR part 2

Ok so as amazing as this place is just in part one of this BIR visit, they have tons of animals there too. The kids had so much fun looking and petting all of them!
Below are the Peacocks-yes they have peacocks! And the kids got some feathers because the male was shedding/malting-whatever the term is;)
Miniature horses
Chickens (they had so many different kinds of chickens)
below is a picture of the chics
Lu go to help get some eggs
El was a bit freaked out by the chickens-hehe

Brixen Ivy Ranch pt 1

We had a little 2 day trip to our friends ranch here in Illinois Brixen Ivy Ranch. It was a nice little get away from the city. We could have easily stayed there for a few more days!

Whithin the first 5 minutes we went down to their sweet pond!
we did a little rock skipping.... 
atticus did his first rock throw into the pond 
he was pretty excited about it 
we found a cute little nest....lovely work little bird
after a little scoping out the girls decided to get their suits on
El debating with Papa about jumping in...

Elly really figured out swimming this year. Papa has been taking them to the community pool quite a bit and Elly just started swimming from one end to the other and will jump in the deep end and swim to the side on her own. But this is the first time in a pond, no goggles, no ledge to swim to and no Papa in the pond just in case.
will she??
she did! and lucy followed (with a little more help, but she hung on for a bit:))
we were very proud of our big timid girl
my goofy louie and my gorgeous louie!
the boy told me "cheese momma" and walked up the steps and posed (no joke)