My latest amusements

1. Lucy's Statement-
"You know what I would do if Jesus was in our house with us right now? I would snuggle with Him"
  Elly's statement- this is in reply to me saying "wow you did that math fast"
  she replied "that's how i work it" and snapped her fingers.

2. The WBEZ is on pretty much every time I am in the car. I am addicted to it!
3. Hoping to try to make these-or something like them with the girls!
will post picts after:)
4. Billie Holiday
I think I could listen to her all day.
Wish i could have found a video of her singing the song- but this is as close as i could get.

5. Sitting with the family, watching a movie with a fire in the fireplace!!! Yay winter!
6. Having my picture taken by the amazing Gretchen Kelley

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