This months amusements

a sweet little family friendly cafe that Elly's Kindergarten teacher met us at. Great kids menu!
Elly and Lucy had breakfast for lunch, Atticus had pancakes and whip cream and I had a yummy veggie goat cheese sandwich:)

Yummy Recipe!!

Family Bike rides
So after a long awaited time of finally getting my bike fixed and finding a baby seat for a good price on one of my new obsessions (craigslist) we can finally go on family bike rides!!!! And what fun they are! I highly recommend this when your children are big enough. We ride to the park, friends houses, to get ice cream and just for sheer amusement. It is fantastic! Oh and the picture of the kids and i was taken by my sweet Josh with his iphone, over his shoulder, while riding his bike:)

My son and the Robot
So, i am still waiting to have my photo editing software installed so i can't publish my, "Atticus and the Robot" post i wanted to do this month- so ya'll are just gonna have to enjoy the cuteness in the next post!

My kids faces
One of many faces Atticus' makes when he is trying to make me laugh!
The girls and I were listening to a reggae/hop hop sounding song on the radio when i took this pict:)

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