The Selby

"Todd Selby is a portrait, interiors, and fashion photographer and illustrator. His project The Selby offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist's eye for detail." 

I love looking at this site. I enjoy seeing the different people he "interviews", so many different people, so talented and unique. I love "people watching" as my grandpa would say. I like sitting on a bench at an amusement park, a busy street, or large shopping area. Any place that draws people from different circles. I love seeing how different people are and the interactions they have with each other. The way they dress. And this website is like that experience, but heightened! You get to see their personality in their home, clothes and work!
I picked a few photos with SnapNDrag from the site to give you a little taste:)
(sorry about the 'click to close" on alot of the picts)
You have to take note of these people's vocations.
Yes it is Confetti System pictured below (he did a piece on them)

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  1. I also LOVE The snooping on the homes of creative people!