the BUBBLE bath

So the girls were in the bath in our room and i was folding laundry in our room. We have a bath with jets in it (i know pretty fantastic) and i hear them turn it on. Then i hear more and more giggling and about 4 minutes go by and I hear "MOOOOOOOOOM COME LOOK!!!!!!"
I go in the bathroom and see a MOUNTAIN of bubbles RISING! and my daughters heads barely poking out of this monstrosity of bubbles!"
 I grab my phone and take some pictures and then i realize that this is a "Nikon Moment". 
 This is Lucy sitting and fully extending her legs! Only her feet make it out of the bubbles....
Oh they are not laying down...they are sitting back against the side of the tub and the bubble are over their heads!

The decide to dip under the bubbles....
Then they pop up and they have these mounds of bubbles on their heads:)
lovely girl
I love lucy's expression in this photo!lol
 Can you say EYES!!!!
 80's perm and Elvis
they crack me up with their ZOOLANDER looks

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