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Over the past year I have been, let's say....BLOGIFIED. This means I have discovered the world of blogs and have become utterly mesmerized. This is how it happened. One day, I found a blog, I don't even remember how I came across a blog. I looked at the great pictures, read some great ideas and short stories. Anyway, a blog has links on it right? So I see a cute picture, it is linked to where it came from. I click on the link and, OH MY, ANOOOTHER entire blog with amazing inspiration. And that blog has links....this goes on. Basically, after a few days of randomly looking at blogs here and there I have about 10 choice blogs bookmarked on my computer. 
I enjoy some of these entries, posts, pictures so much that I have this urge to share. Not to mention inspired by them to make some of my own. And the BLOGIFICATION has happened. I have noticed though that I am like a wave. Totally pulled out for a few weeks to months and then something happens that gets my creative swithc on and I will post like 5-10 entries in a week or 2. Eeeee! Oh well, I just have to go with it.
Thus, today I will share one of my choice blogs with you:)
I am going to openly admit I am and have been for a few months-a bit obsessed with this Blog and this Shop. The style the look, I am sold! I seriously want a few of her handmade jewelry pieces. Maybe one day I will order one or 2 or.....:)
These are some of the reasons I enjoy this blogger so MUCH.

posts on her cute family


collages of perfection

 interior photos she finds

Style- yes please! (another collage of perfection)

Not to mention her Etsy shop that is amazing
thank you MerryMishap

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