a new lens

a friend of mine let me borrow a camera lens for a bit and I had fun playing around with it today. hope to keep learning more!
our friend Alyssa hung out with us while we sold lemonade for the adoption on Sunday:)
 tried some evening shots at home
Harry Potter
we are a little late on the band wagon, but we watched the last 4 movies this weekend and the girls are so into it.
They found perfect sticks to be their wands and had fun posing with them.

We stopped by the newly opened Bleeding Heart Bakery down the street from us!
Gotta love Chicago and it's yummy food.

 They have Gelato too:)

 He loves his Papa

 and his Papa loves him 

my boys

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  1. Ok so I love all of these, but those pics of josh and atty are the most precious pics ever!!