Annual Winter of my Discontent

Winter in Chicago is GLOOMY. A few girlfriends and I were talking about how this grey of winter makes you want to put butter on everything you eat and not get out of your pajamas! Usually I have a hope of California sun one time during the winter and that has sufficed to get me thru, BUT since that is not an option this year (for various reasons) I am forced to get creative and enduuuuuure! I have spoken with a few people about this recently and many of them have said, "This is the time of year i ask myself- WHY DO I LIVE HERE?!". This is a luxury I am not afforded because I know EXACTLY why we live here and moving is not an option. Thus I must figure out how to not just endure, but POSSIBLY find a way to enjoy the winter (my stomach turned as I typed that). But I have faith that I can creatively enjoy my life despite the dreadful grey of winter!
So I have made it a mission to figure out things to do.........I will keep you posted.

1. One thing I have already discovered is "Zumba"! I have done this with my girls this week and it TOTALLY put a smile our faces:)

2. Be spontaneous!! Lucy was having a "cry about everything" kind of day. And I was feeling claustrophobic from the grey outside. So I said "LET"S GO THE MOVIES!!". Mind you this is not something we normally do and when we do it is always a special treat because the movies cost an arm and a leg now a days. Luckily my husband got us on the $5 club for our movie theater so we got in for way less. The girls were SO surprised and we just put comfy clothes on and were out the door in 10 minutes- it was so fun to just DO IT.

3. THANKFULNESS!!!!!! We can waste so much time thinking about what we don't have and miss enjoying all the things we DO have.
Psalm 100

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