No more paper towels!

I read an article that was about a lady making her kitchen "paperless" and I was intrigued because we blow thru paper towels like water and the cost adds up!
Here is the article - "how to create a paperless kitchen" and I am GOING FOR IT! I bought 2 bunches of towels(16 total towels total) from target for about $8 all together. 
I usually buy the big bundle of paper towels for about $13. So we are already saving! I am going to collect a bit more over time, but it will not compare to what I usually pay for paper towels twice a month. The article explains basically the method I am gonna go for. I have had them for about a week and it has worked quite well, I am pleasantly surprised! 
By the way: the article is from a new site I discovered and have been enjoying- simplemom


  1. Hey, we made this same change a few months back, but our towels aren't as cute! We got a big bundle of Costco white square ones. I need to soak them though because they're getting ucky looking. Cool! I'll think of you when I use mine now :)

  2. that makes me so happy that you did this too! i have to say i am amazed at the $ savings.