First time antiquing

So my husband went out of town for the week and I always seem to do some big project while he is gone to keep myself busy so the time goes by faster. Last time I painted our whole kitchen a different color. This time it wasn't so dramatic, but still a descent endeavor. A wonderful friend came over to help and showed me how to antique a bookcase I have! She and I painted it cream first and then went over it with this amazing teal that I LOVE. After she left I waited for it to dry, got my kiddos from school, made dinner and then got crazy and FINISHED the whole bookcase!

I roughed up the paint with sandpaper then added a few stencils in gold.
Then I HAD to cover up the back of the bookcase. I was trying to think of what I had that I could use so I wouldn't have to go purchase anything else! So we have 2 copies of a story that our family adores- The Chronicles of Narnia. So I Modge Podged the pages of our cheaper version to cover the back. Fun and easy!
I am pretty excited about how it turned out:)
Thank you Gretchen for introducing me to the world of antiquing!


  1. Awesome! I love it. I like to do big projects when Sid goes away, too. It keeps me from acting like a zombie and watching too many documentaries on Netflix instant in my pajamas, not to mention relying on my childrens' hunting and gathering (snacks) skills to sustaine them :)

  2. haha! so true! i love it "hunting and gathering skills" i am gonna steal that saying!
    I am a netflix documentary junkie-(when i have the time)-one morning I watched 3! have you seen "Ben Steins: No Intelligence Allowed"??? It is great!