visiting family in newport beach

It is a sad thing to be far away from family, but when family lives in a fun place to visit it eases the pain a bit. My parents and brothers live in Newport Beach and it is a fantastic place to get away to! It is so interesting because I grew up in Orange County so it was all I knew. After I got married my husband and I lived in Las Vegas, New Hampshire and Chicago. Having a taste of the West, East and Midwest I realized what a culture the "OC" has. Just walking down to the beach today I was soaking up all the Southern California beach culture. Anyways, I got to take the kids to hangout with my family for 5 days. It was super fun- wish my hubby could have come with us too! Then it would have been perfection!
We went to the beach everyday. Since my family's place is 2 blocks from the beach we could just pack up a wagon and stroll down and hangout for a few hours- easy peasy- LOVE IT! 
The kids adore my brothers and it is so fun to see them be so close and have fun together:)

Lu and my brother J
Sand digging

Pretty Belle

Pretty Lu

She wanted to be buried in the sand cause she was cold

Gpa buried her then poured cold ocean water on her 

E and the girls

A looooved running to the water and throwing sand into it. He would come over to me and say he got 3 stars for throwing the sand in. He said there were stormtroopers in the water.

I loved his flexed feet:)

My dad has video taped my whole life. My grandpa use to always tease him that the video camera was stuck to his face. The tradition is to video the day then go home and watch it- lol. I do have to say no matter how much we hassle him about it, i do appreciate the memories he has captured.
cute boy
the storm trooper stance- waiting till the waves are just right.

Boogie Boarding
I did some boogie boarding today. It was so fun! I haven't done it in a long time, so I was a bit nervous. But as soon and I went fully into the water I went back to being in Highschool going to the beach and attempting surfing, paddling out with my best friend and enjoying the water. El loved seeing me get in the water, she was so excited- it was so cute:).

My dad helped the girls catch a few waves.

 Gpa bringing some sand crabs for the kids to see
 Salt water look

Sand star
It was a good day!

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