visting family in newport beach PT2

Sunset on the beach is one of the peaceful places.
If I could i would walk down every day at sunset and just sit there and close my eyes and listen to the waves as the breeze hit my face and breath in the ocean air. 
Looking out on the sea with the sun setting is such a pure picture of our amazing, creative, artistic beautiful God.
I love Him.
 Lu soaking it all in.
 Grandpa in his happy place.
 Classic Grandpa moments
We would walk to the beach everyday.
The boys would carry El and Lu on their backs the whole way:)


Cali palm trees
so proud of them how they took on the waves!
the girls started "commanding" the waves. 
i totally remember doing that when i was younger:)
some boogie boarders showin off for the ladies;)
grandpa found a beetle in the water
showing the beetle to the kids
In the evening we took a walk down to the water.
The beach sunset is so beautiful.
sandy feet
 i love these photos

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