So I came across a CD with photos of family on my father's side. I don't know how I got it and why I didn't know I had it!! They are SO amazing. The photos are of my Grandmother (pictured below) and her family in Tucson. I emailed her to get more specific details on the photos and she said she will email me the information:) I am so excited because I am going to get some of them printed to hang in my home.

I just have to add that my Grandmother is one of the most amazing people I have ever had in my life. I have had conversations with her that I treasure and carry with me. She is one of the strongest and brightest woman I have ever known. I have learned so much from her and am so inspired by her every time I talk to her. She is a fantastic woman. And I wish we lived closer so I could be with her more!
Below is a picture of my grandmother (on the left)

My grandmother is in white the dress! I can't wait to find out more details of this picture!

Below is a picture of men branding a cow on my Great Grandfather's ranch in Tucson.

Another photo of the Ranch.

As soon as I get more information I will update the blog with it:)

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