Taylor yummy Chicago food recommendations

Being snowed in makes one crave comfort food- therefore sparking conversations between my husband and I about the yummy places we like to eat. 
So I decided to share them with you!
If you are ever in Chicago you must go to eat at these places!
1. XOCO - Rick Bayless Hot Mexican Street Food place- OMG it is RIDICULOUS!!!! 
Ahogada is my favorite. And the Churros are like no Churro you have ever had.
near down town if you are in that area 

2. Bakin' & Eggs- our friends opened this place up a little over a year ago and it has blown up! It is THE place to go for breakfast. We love the Carmelized Onion Frittata and I LOVE the Fall Oatmeal. But I also have to say everything is YUMMY!

3. Cumin- If you want Indian food this is the best we have found- WOW
We had the Chicken Tikka Masala (soooo good) and their Naan is super yummy

4. My favorite Pizza! Pie-Eyed Pizzeria  Josh and I discovered this when we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary. We were taking public transportation downtown and this pizza place is right off the EL stop AND at the bus stop we needed. I ran in and grabbed a slice of pizza and have been hooked ever since. And now we live in the same area! Holla! 

  5. Big Star Chicago coming from California it is hard to find tacos that I enjoy. Just like it is hard for me to go to Lake Michigan for a "beach day". I just makes me bitter. But their tacos are so delicious! They are nothing like anything I had in Cali- and they aren't trying to be which is a good thing. 
Taco Al Pastor mmm so good!!

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