our friend totoro

We got Lucy a russian dwarf hamster for Christmas. I was a bit nervous because I hadn't taken care of a hamster since I was 12, Josh is squeamish about rodents and I was dreading cleaning a stinky cage. But after having our little munchkin for a few weeks all my fears were for not. She doesn't smell at all. She is so sweet and lets all the kids hold her and never bites. She is so sweet and cute that Josh has even attempted holding her 4 times. It doesn't last long -lol- but he thinks she is really cute. We named her Totoro because she is the exact colored of our favorite Japanese cartoon character (we are a little obsessed). 

cute little hands

 our sweet pudgy little girl

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  1. Totoro is so cute!! We just released a froggy back into the wild, she was our sweet pet for a little, but seemed depressed in captivity =(