Chicago had a "Blizzaster" "snO.M.G" "Snowmaggedon" whatever your name is for it, it was RIDICULOUS!! But as kids do, they make the best of situations like this. Lots of snow = lots of kid happiness! 
At about 3:00 the previous day the snow started to come. Then the whirling wind came and by 5:30/6:00  the storm coming was apparent. My husband took the bus home and I was quite worried about him walking home in the crazy weather. But thank you Jesus he made it home by 6:00 snow covering him from head to toe! But yay he made it! Unlike the many people stuck on buses for 5 plus hours or Lake Shore Drive with no end in sight having to leave their cars behind.
After dinner we played a game of monopoly by the fire and then off to bed we went. Around that time the "Thundersnow" was starting- so bizzare! Atticus had a rough night of waking up groaning every hour from 3:00am on (he said he wasn't hurting but I asked him if he saw something yucky (since he doesn't know what "dream" means) and he said yes. Poor little guy. So since I was up I peaked out our window to see drifts and piles of snow already! What was it gonna look like in the morning?
8am, the girls have been awake for a bit and I come upstairs to look out our big window and am blown away by the HUGENESS of the snowfall!!! Unreal!!!
The girls could not wait to go outside. They got dressed as soon as i would let them and were running and sliding down our hallway in their snow pants. We were not prepared with snow gear so we worked with what we had. Elly wore her fathers snow overalls and layers of what warmest things we had. 


Do you see the pile up that was against the window?!

They take the PLUNGE!

My man all geared up to shovel that snow off our sidewalks!

A man walking in the middle of the street, probably walking to the Starbucks 2 to 3 blocks away off our street.

The sidewalk to be conquered

Jumping from the top of the "stairs" into the pool of snow

Lucy and Elly climbed down into the little area we have outside our family room window.
DEEP snow- Lucy likes it

Our front door. WELCOME!

Man Vs. Snow!

Running down one side of our building.

Sliding down the stairs that lead to the little patio off our bedroom.

Elly calls it her "Throne"

The other side of our building!

Looking thru the window in our family room with a huge icicle!

The window of our family room.

Snowball fight!

Our man cleared the sidewalk so we could go out the gate!

Look mom!

Our neighborhood sidewalk outside our front courtyard.

A neighbor attempting clearing the snow too

Lets lay in the snow

The road.

Sidewalk cleared!

The boy finally woke up after all this at 9:45!

Not totally awake yet- but pondering all the snow

Now he's awake

"Where's Papa and Ewy Woosy??"
Papa Elly Lucy

Mission Accomplished

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