while we were snowed in

This Blizzard was crazy and we were stuck in the house for 2 days-minus going out to play- we couldn't drive anywhere due to the streets not being plowed and snow continuing to fall.
I have been wanting to make art work for our house with the kids, but haven't had the time or $ to get all the supplies and make it happen. But I had 3 small canvas' from the art store just sitting around, so I thought us being stuck inside was the perfect opportunity to practice. 
I have had some stencils from pottery barn since Elly was 2 years old. I used the star stencil to put stars along the top trim of her bedroom wall when she was 2:) I also have some Lotta Jansdotter stencils that I have plans for as our new home slowly comes together. So I got these out for the girls to use. Elly used the tree stencil.
Lucy used the flower stencil. 

After tracing the outline in pencil we lightly erased the pencil so it wasn't so dark and she colored in the flowers with a fabric paint pen! Then we did the line of circles stencil over in darker pink paint. 
 Elly painted her trees in fabric paint and cut out a paper tree to place in the middle. 
 Then she cut out paper hearts and painted them with little designs.
 Lucy wanted the Lotta elephant- so I cut it out of grey paper for her and she painted to 2 green dots with the stencil.
 Atticus drew with fluorescent orange fabric pen then painted over it in black.
 There finished products. Atticus Elly Lucy
 Atticus wanted to paint with black some more

 The girls painting a vase with a Lotta stencil
 The mess


  1. Your house seems like a lot of fun and I wish we could come for a visit. Maybe in 2012, I'm trying to plan a motorhome trip around the USA.

  2. yes please!!! would love a visit with your fantastic family!

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